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  • A street light is burned out who should I contact?
    All street lights in Legacy Park are either maintained by Duke Power or York Electric and are marked accordingly. If you see a light burned out, it helps to identify the pole by tying a bright piece of tape around the pole as it makes the job much easier for workers to identify the pole during daylight hours. Each pole has an identifying number on it along with the York or Duke name. 
    Duke Energy – 800-769-3766
    York Electric – 803-684-4248 or 866-374-1234
  • How can I contact our management company?
    Our management company, Braesael Mgt. may be reached by phone at 704-847-3507 or by email: legacypark@braesael.com.   Keep in mind there is a 48 hour response time, however, most times they are able to respond much sooner.
  • I cannot log on the website why?
    When a resident requests access to the website, an approval email is generated to the resident,normally within 24 hours, containing the log on and password info. If you cannot remember your password, use the “Contact Us’ section for website and let us know you need to have your password reset.  Because the website is an amenity of Legacy Park and supported with HOA dues, if a resident is delinquent in their dues or has outstanding fines, their website account will be disabled until dues are brought current and/or fines are resolved.
  • Why did I receive a reminder/violation letter from the management company?
    Braesael Mgt. performs two drive throughs each month for Legacy Park. These are done randomly throughout the month with the purpose of ensuring residents are adhering to the CC&R’s and Landscape Guidelines, which all residents are required to do. When a violation is found, i.e. grass not cut, trash can in view, etc….a reminder letter will be sent to the resident explaining what the violation is and to let you know it needs to be corrected. Should you receive any letter, you should contact Braesael immediately to let them know you have addressed the issue. During subsequent drive throughs, if the violation has not been corrected – a fine list will then be sent to the HOA Board for approval. The Board will review the list and approves fines as necessary. A fine letter will then be sent to the resident. Directions are very clear in the fine letter with regards to the reason for the letter and what steps need to be taken to remedy the situation. Once the residents have cleared the violation, they should contact Braesael to notify them they have resolved the issue Residents may appeal their fine by contacting Braesael to request a hearing with the Board of Directors.   Fines are a serious matter and need to be corrected quickly to ensure Legacy Park remains an attractive community and home values remain constant.
  • Why don't I receive a bill every quarter for my HOA dues?
    In order to save money, the HOA Board felt it was time to stop the quarterly mailings and move to a coupon book system. Instructions are included in the book on how to pay your dues – or you may prefer to pay them online through the website or your own bank. You may also set up an automatic payment, however, you will need to contact your bank to do this as neither Braesael Mgt. nor the website will be able to handle this for you.